#3. 144 Hours of an Editor

On the second day of March, I started my job as an Editor at a Seoul-based magazine. Since then, my lifestyle has evolved to fit around the fast-paced, tight schedule of interview appointments and article deadlines. While the work is exciting and feeds my extrovert & creative self, it also looks like loads of hard work and discipline. The plus has definitely been meeting a diverse group of people, especially in the art and culture scene, all the while connecting, learning and being inspired. I'm also finding a knack in portrait photography, and the art of listening-turned-storytelling. Here is a week-long snippet of the places I go, the people I meet, and the work I do:

Sunday 4/16 Easter Sunday

Sunday obviously isn't part of my work week, but this day definitely kicked off the week for me. A day of reflection on new life. I felt the tangible shift of seasons in the air. Lush greens broke out through the atmosphere overrun by the cold. And I always appreciate my ladies' time!


Monday 4/17 An interview and a delightful discovery

I spoke with the Chief Director of the local tea brand Tea Collective. I've been following the brand since the launch in early 2016 - and thought it would be a great fit for the May issue of SEOUL. The store officially opened last week and the magazine printed yesterday! I look forward to sharing the article soon. If you're looking for a quite and stylish space to relax and drink quality tea, be sure to check out the cafe in Cheongdam.

On my way home, I came across this gem of a store, and almost cried from happiness. I've been following & Other Stories (Sweden-based luxury women fashion brand from H&M Group) for years and love its art direction and sensible products. I especially love their collaboration collections called Co-labs. They opened their first store in Apgujeong earlier this year - and I finally got to visit its multi-floor decked out with beautiful clothing, accessories, shoes and beauty products. Thank you for coming to Seoul. :)


Tuesday 4/18 Catchin' up and getting perspective

I caught up with a coworker from my old workplace after four months. Joni was one of the people I openly shared about my desire to move to Itaewon - and here we were months later, neighbors! I got perspective for the steps I felt led to take in the past few months. Some required courage and even risks, but every step has intentionally led me to where I am now. One visit home to California, move to Itaewon, and new job later, I can proudly say that I'm moving towards the life of my dreams. Doing what I love, and doing life with people I love. :) With age, the concept of "dreams" is getting simpler and more aligned with daily life.  

Wednesday 4/19 MMCA exhibition sketch shoot

I photographed the background sketch of the new When Art Becomes Liberty: The Egyptian Surrealists exhibition at the MMCA Deoksugung. It was my first time at the Palace and fell in love with its regal and beautiful scenery. I also loved getting an insider look of installing an exhibition and being part of intro film interview of the museum's Director, Bartomeu Mari. 


Thursday 4/20  Selby & Seoul Sunset

@ Daelim Museum

@ Daelim Museum

I found out that Todd Selby will be having his solo show at the Daelim Museum - and was absolutely ecstatic!!! I've been following his work for years - and Selby + Seoul combo seemed too good to be true. But true indeed! I attended the press conference earlier this past week - and met him in person (!!!). More on that later!

This is the bright side of one of world's most polluted cities. Or am I just being naive? Hah. I caught this unfiltered, beautiful array of palette across Seoul's sky on my way home - and was completely mesmerized. These moments make me thankful for living in this city.   

Friday 4/21 <Magazine B> COVER B TOUR

I got picked to attend Magazine B's <COVER B TOUR> opening party. It's a Seoul-based brand documentary magazine that features one well-balanced brand per month. The event continues until April 30 at the @walkandrest store in Hongdae - and features their sold-out issue about the city of Seoul. Get a copy for 10% off and get educated about your city! Side note: Korean magazines have been my main source of inspiration. More on this soon!