Autumn Sparks

Elongated periods without creative production are unsettling and uncomfortable to a creative doer. The pressure to create heats up until it encounters a moment of inspiration - and explodes into a tangible expression. The lack of creative production is not equivalent to the lack of creativity itself. My production process usually involves a period of documentation and reflection. Words and images accumulate in the private space. Perseverance crawls through the trenches against the counteracting impulses of impatience. By the time you arrive in front of the door of Possibility, you realize that the key to unlock yourself into the unexplored space is your resolve to remain steady despite opposition. Along the journey, the imagined materials and forms you started off with takes shape into a key that fits right in the lock. When you open the door, the fire meets oil - and you are off to a new journey to transfer the private gatherings into the public space.

I'm at the brink of stepping into the new door. I've been off the production grill due to life transitions and self reflections. As I let life unfold itself, September flew by and I'm already at the end of October. As I leave behind summer jitters and pack away summer dresses, I welcome a new season of creation and production. My recent move to Philadelphia and trip to Korea ignited the internal hums of creativity back to life. The engine is on, the oil tank is full, and the car is ready to zoom its way towards the end of 2015. 

Here are some inspiration to spark you alive in the midst of pumpkin lattes, autumn leaves, and denim jackets!


The Whitepepper Autumn '15 Collection "Sunday Morning"

When I first discovered The Whitepepper, a UK-based womenswear brand, my heart jumped for joy. Their collections and social media content exude a quirky energy full of colors and prints. I've been in love since Day 1. I recently found out that they did a photoshoot in Korea and I couldn't contain my excitement. The photos released two days ago - and as always, they did not disappoint. I'm digging the Faces dresses, but they are sadly sold out. Whether you purchase or not, the girly flairs and fun prints adorned by the cute Korean model will inspire all fashion loving gals out there.   


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

I watched this film during my 14-hour flight from Korea to New York. I planned to journal and sleep, but when I saw the film poster, I couldn't resist the temptation. By the end of the film, I had gone through intense, tender, inspirational moments all at once - but felt so calm and peaceful. I sat through the credits because the background music was so beautiful. 

The movie is about a high schooler who makes parody films with his friend - while trying to find a place in the midst of craziness that is high school. His life transforms when he meets Rachel, a classmate who's been diagnosed with cancer. It's an Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind (an all-time favorite!) meets The Fault in Our Stars with a deep message about friendship and creativity. It will warm your heart and inspire you to create through "quirks" unique to you!



Juice Bars

I had easy access to acai bowls and cold pressed juices while going to college in LA. These food options are rare in Philly, so I wanted to take advantage of the trending "healthy" culture in Korea during my visit. I met the owner of Mercy Juice, a thriving juice bar in Seoul, and did a 3-day juice detox (blog coming soon!). I also visited Bad Farmers in Garosugil and I Mean Juice in Itaewon (pictured). I'm glad I got my long-missed juice fix during my visit! 



I have been following Hosanna Poetry for awhile now. I'm inspired by her artistry of words and message of love and freedom. Her new album Figless is about a living a life set free from masks, lies, and shame from encountering the one and only Truth. Check out her new album here!



IU is the only K-pop star I could listen to all day long. This 23-year-old singer has made a phenomenon of herself in the K-pop industry with her killer voice, unique style and songwriting skills that speaks louder than her cute face. Some even say her music is her own genre. I find her music so encouraging because she is loved for her individuality in a nation that's grown comfortable with conformity. 

Her new album CHAT-SHIRE packages her signature quirks with fantastical inspiration from tales like Alice In Wonderland and My Sweet Orange Tree. Her songs take you on a sweet ride through intricate melodies and words that create an immediate visual of her own little world. I admire her artistic sensibility and dedication to her unique craft. Watch her new music video "Twenty-Three" here



Guilt Free Bakery

My biggest inspiration? Doers who don't sit around in daydreams, but pull up their sleeves to make their dreams happen. I met Lisa in Korea. While studying fashion, she realized that baking is her true passion and opened a bakery. I was so inspired by her work and am thankful to have met a friend like her. I'm writing a blog about her bakery soon. Stay tuned!