Blushing Greens

i love colors in pairs. When the right shades come together, they are a match made in heaven.

My all-time favorite? Forest green and blush pink.

I'm a girly girl at heart and a lover of greens and plants. Whenever I come across this pair, my heart beats faster and my eyes get wider. These contrasting colors make magic happen in plants, fashion, architecture - and all other applicable mediums.

The duo never fails to do the following:

 - No matter the context of the image, their coexisting presence is a reason enough to make my "inspiration" list.

- The combination make the masterpiece. Not the beautiful person, place or thing surrounding, holding, or wearing the colors. Or the lighting or composition. Period.

- The discovery of this duo anywhere feeds my heart like trying an exotic ice cream flavor - and loving every bite.

The list of joy, delight, happiness and all good feelings will never end.

An invincible duo to my aesthetically picky eyes - here is Blushing Greens for you!