Hall of Delight

In 2013, I dreamt of a digital platform featuring the stories of wonderful people in my life. Meanwhile, I navigated through the uncertainty, joy and vulnerability of friendships with women. In following months, I entered a journey of intentionally getting to know and loving myself. Since then, I shared bits and pieces about my expanding awareness about womanhood. (Read my most recent post "Strangers, Sisters."

Four years later, I'm still knee-deep in the journey of cultivating self-identity in the context of community. The more I learned to embrace my unique identity, the more I'm able to see and speak out the gold in other women.

Marcel Proust once said (thanks Kinfolk!):

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

I believe that you're only able to love others in the extent you love yourself. As I share truths and adventures, laugh and cry, or just simply sit and reflect with other women, I get a clearer perspective of my fearfully and wonderfully crafted DNA. 

At the brink of 2017, this photo project became a reality:

hall of delight

People ask me about #pieana. I always knew that its vision was bigger than myself and that its destination will be in community. 

I remember being in a room full of women few years ago where I felt that every woman inside the room, whether or not I knew her, believed in me - and something sparked.

The world tells us to find our spotlight by dismissing each other. But the incredible amount of healing I received from friends, sisters and mothers over the years attest that we need each other. 

As 2016 is coming to a close, I want to honor and celebrate #women. They inspire me everyday to dream big and love well. #bettertogether

Months later, I'm standing in the midst of another wave of revelation about womanhood. This is only the tip of the iceberg - of many other stories and projects to come. 

I present to you, Hall of Delight -

There are so many amazing, courageous women around me. They might not be a Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfey, or even Beyonce (yet) but their character and lives are definitely worthy of spotlight. Even in a humble platform like pieana. Here are many women who say yes everyday and let their true selves shine. Here are women whose stories are worthy to be shared and celebrated. 

"So elegant and beautiful you are! Thank you for lavishing me with love & good times this weekend."





"동갑친구s hayyy! My heart wells up with thanks whenever I think about our friendship. She carries wisdom and maturity beyond her years and loves so well. I learn a lot from you and cherish our times together."





"Woven beautiful with wild & tender, 
keepin' it real since 2009 #growingtogether"





"My dear friend, she's beautiful inside and out! We share so many memories from our post-work adventures around Seoul. She gets me and loves me well through my wacky moments. Thank you for speaking truth & life into me. Keep it up #girlboss"








                                       Truly one-of-a-kind! You've been                                          such a joy to be around from the                                          beginning. You ooze childlike                                               wonder that creates space for                                              people to be themselves.


To let loose, receive love and love wildly in return.

I learn a lot from your humility and wisdom. Keep sharing that light with the world."


"I'm so blessed by your deep care and compassion for people. So thankful we got to grow together in cg this past season! My ultimate shopping buddy & fellow editor #onlythebeginning sis!"