Japan Aesthetic

Some days just pass by. Some are clear as night and day. Some you don't even realize how they impacted you - and let them slip through your mind. But the memories linger with clarity and glisten with vibrance. These are the days that spark up and add flavor to daily mundane living. These are the hours full of inspiration, love and adventure. Introducing Days of Delight!

DAY 2 // MARCH 28, 2016

Last spring, I spent six hours in Japan during a layover to Korea. My flight time coincided with Eimi, a mutual friend and fellow artist - and together, we walked through the humble town of Narita. (Narnia?)

It was love at first sight. The little town made my heart flutter in a new way. Art woven in every corner, aesthetic all around. Talk about #pieanapalettes at another level!

In just half day worth of time, I received so much love through the kindness and generosity of the local people. Their hearts speak beauty into the atmosphere and inspire all who step foot into their land. 

My first taste of Japan was nothing short of sweet and completely won me over.

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#typography in the everyday

Happy home moments

Two elements for an adventure

If this house was a dress, I'd wear it. 

The elderly deserves our care and honor.

The sky was awfully clear that day.

Vintage vibes, my jam.

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