New York Minute

Some days just pass by. Some are clear as night and day. Some you don't even realize how they impacted you - and let them slip through your mind. But the memories linger with clarity and glisten with vibrance. These are the days that spark up and add flavor to daily mundane living. These are the hours full of inspiration, love and adventure. Introducing Days of Delight!

Day 1 // March 21-25, 2014

2014 was a prime year, and this New York trip took place right before my last quarter at UCLA. My wanderlust antennas were fully on, and my heart was overflowing with faith and dreams. 

This trip was sandwiched in a season marked with favor and adventure - and propelled my dreams forward with inspiration and energy. I still vividly recall the warm hospitality, delectable cuisine experiences, and lasting inspiration from this weekend. It was a pivotal moment during a time where I learned the value of sustaining wonder and adventure through every season.

I remember eating Shake Shack for the first time in the thick of NY cold - and recall it as one of my cuisine highlights. The explosive burst of flavors - the cheese, portobello & meat patty, the glory. I recall the inspiration from walking through Williamsburg - creativity and innovation in its air - and having my first sip of Blue Bottle's cortado. I still feel the blasting winds hitting my skin while my friend attempted to take my celebratory shot behind the backdrop of Brooklyn Bridge. 

I recently reconnected with a friend from this trip, and really let the goodness of those memories sink in deep. Hope you enjoy snippets of my New York minute! 

For more photos, check out my #pieanaNY feed.

1. First Look New York

2-3. Artists in Action

4. Strolling through Washington State Park

5-6. On serious yogurt game #Chobani

7. Got a special love for you, #HighLine <3

8-9. #BetterTogether : - )

10. The one and only #ShakeShack

11-12. Feasting out with these two feat #Katzs from When Harry Met Sally

13. An unforgettable awakening of coffee #BlueBottle

14-15. Best appetizer ever #CafeHabana

16. All smiles in the cold (while my friend freezes behind the camera) #BrooklynBridge

16. All smiles in the cold (while my friend freezes behind the camera) #BrooklynBridge