Blushing Greens

i love colors in pairs. When the right shades come together, they are a match made in heaven.

My all-time favorite? Forest green and blush pink.

I'm a girly girl at heart and a lover of greens and plants. Whenever I come across this pair, my heart beats faster and my eyes get wider. These contrasting colors make magic happen in plants, fashion, architecture - and all other applicable mediums.

The duo never fails to do the following:

 - No matter the context of the image, their coexisting presence is a reason enough to make my "inspiration" list.

- The combination make the masterpiece. Not the beautiful person, place or thing surrounding, holding, or wearing the colors. Or the lighting or composition. Period.

- The discovery of this duo anywhere feeds my heart like trying an exotic ice cream flavor - and loving every bite.

The list of joy, delight, happiness and all good feelings will never end.

An invincible duo to my aesthetically picky eyes - here is Blushing Greens for you!     

Baby Blue Babes


I see the beautiful blues dancing in pool waters, ocean waves...and summer dresses.

I'm a proud lover of dresses. I would wear one everyday if I could. I have to admit that there are a few sitting in my closet that have never left the doors, but they still remain an inspiration to me.

For months now, I've been searching for the perfect blue summer dress. I'm picky when it comes to a universally loved item - and usually go for one with a versatile form and unique details. I gathered a collection of blue dresses with different fits, fabrics and details. Classic, cute, relaxed. Linen, denim, cotton. Collars, buttons, pleats. Want it? Got it!

Hope these inspire you brave through the summer heat with a dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful! More can be found on my Pinterest board, blue + white.