Waiting Underwater

Have you ever been aware that you are being moved into action by something supernatural, but didn't see its purpose until later?

The "later" came earlier than we expected. 

We wanted to go to the museum, but somehow we ended up in a boat. 

The sun shone bright, guitar and voices collided in a sweet melody, with the beautiful scenery around us.


The rowboat was too much for our arms to handle and we ended up coming back without going around the whole course.

We attempted to go against the current (all while singing songs and playing guitar).

Then we were stuck.

But even before we realized we did, one of the workers came to our rescue.

It all seemed so natural that we were rescued. 

We laughed through the whole ordeal.


Then, as we laughed about it more in the car, the connection dawned on me.

One year ago, a ferry called Saewol sank in South Korean waters. 

Majority of the 295 victims were high school students on a school trip. 

Nine bodies are still missing. The ship is still under water.

The incident caused an uproar of the entire nation overnight.

In a single day, an entire class of high school was wiped out, and parents were left without their children.

An awakening of reality of a nation.

The need for change.

The collective outcry for justice.

Survivors live on in trauma. Families live on in sorrow.

The vice principle of the school committed suicide from guilt.

Lost lives multiply while cries for justice remain silenced. 

A month ago, I attended a local event that hosted the mothers of the student victims. 

The objective was to collect signatures for the petition to lift the ship to continue the now-closed investigation. 

The mothers tearfully shared the lives of their now dead children and their side of the story - and discussed controversy and criticism surrounding the incident with the audience (mostly parents).

After the event, I was shaken from the reality of injustice and overwhelming confusion. 

The room clearly expressed anger and frustration for the lack of progress and solution.

But what really is the point here? What's right and wrong? Who is to blame? 

Controversy over delayed rescue process? Suspicion of the South Korean government's integrity? Inaccurate portrayal of the incident by the media? Cultural criticism of the victims? Families crossing moral lines to see justice?

The only truth that burned in my heart was the revelation of the mother's heart. 

In the midst of the negativity, I deeply felt this heart during these emotional hours. 

When I hugged and looked into the eyes of the mother, I knew that there was no way that the loss of her son could be compensated. These stories of victims' families speak for itself. My eyes filled with tears because I wanted to do more than give kind words or a hug - but the only thing I can utter was the name of Jesus.

Because, truly, who can comfort and love the wounded heart more than the Comforter himself?

He whose name is also Truth and Justice - will he not cry out on behalf of the unheard and silenced? Is it not also an honor for us to take part in bringing forth justice?

We must share. We must speak. We must bring awareness.

Silence continues injustice. But when you speak, Justice begins. 


It was only natural we get rescued.

It was only normal we laughed it off. 

So why did those rescue boats never come?

So why were the warning signs unheard?

What was normal and right did not happen.

What was not supposed to happen did.

It was only going to cost 6 minutes to save them all. 

To those inside, the time wasn't the matter of life or death.

They only thought to kill time - until they were out.

Until they heard instructions, evacuated safely, into their families' arms.

But instructions never came and evacuations never happened.

Their last minutes were passing and they didn't even know it.

They packed their bags for a cruise, and waved goodbyes to their family. 

Not knowing it would be final - as they returned home cold and lifeless.