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THE SWEAT LIFE | lululemon Korea (2016)

I was part of the content team at Dmajor that led the story ideation and execution of this six-part “Sweat Life” video stories for lululemon Korea, featuring Korean influencers in art, dining, sports and entertainment. I also produced Korean translation of the interviews and video subtitles.

Watch all the videos in the series:

"living life full on" Yoo Sungam, Chef

"making my own path" Shin Jihue, Cyclist

"planting community" Kang Nanan, Artist

"sweat it out" Lee Eonjeong, Model & Actress

"tune into the present" Cha Jinyeob, Contemporary Dancer

My Life in Seoul (2017)

SEOUL magazine’s food editor talks about her life in Seoul, culture and food trends in Korea. Featuring food editor Cynthia Yoo and chef Lee Chan-oh of restaurant Chanou. Script and interview by Diana Park