Magazine B is an ad-less monthly publication introducing well-balanced brands around the globe.

Since February 2018, I created original content for Korean and English issues of the following brands: Blue Bottle Coffee, Chanel, DJI, HAY, Hoshinoya, Instagram, Le Labo, Lululemon, Maison Kitsune, and Porsche.

Below are some of the articles I wrote for B. You can view the articles by clicking the image.


B CAST is the in-house podcast of B. I wrote scripts for the following episodes: Porter (31st), Moscot (32nd), F magazine (33rd), Le Labo (34th). Vitra (35th), Hoshinoya (36th), Tsutaya (37th), and Kyoto (38th). For a full list of episodes, please visit the official website of B CAST.


I write articles, conduct research, translate copy for F magazine, a food documentary magazine launched in collaboration with Baedal Minjok, Korea’s top food delivery mobile app. Since its launch, we've featured food ingredients like salt, cheese, chicken and tomato. For more content, please visit the official Instagram account.