THE SWEAT LIFE | lululemon Korea (2016)

I was part of the content team at creative agency Dmajor that led the story ideation and execution of six-part video stories for Lululemon Korea, featuring influencers in art, dining, sports, and entertainment. I also produced Korean translation of the interviews and video subtitles.

Watch all the videos in the series:

"living life full on" Yoo Sungam, Chef

"making my own path" Shin Jihue, Cyclist

"planting community" Kang Nanan, Artist

"sweat it out" Lee Eonjeong, Model & Actress

"tune into the present" Cha Jinyeob, Contemporary Dancer

My Life in Seoul (2017)

A conversation with SEOUL magazine’s food editor about life in Seoul and food trends in Korea. Featuring food editor Cynthia Yoo and chef Lee Chan-oh of restaurant Chanou. I wrote the script and conducted the interview for this video.